About Us


ESD School, LLC, was started in 2006 with the primary purpose of training safe, skilled workers in their selected industry. We work with individuals, companies, and government agencies to provide quality training throughout the southeast.  


ESD School, LLC is authorized by the Alabama Department of Post-Secondary Education. Current funding sources accepted by ESD School, LLC include Alabama Workforce Investment Opportunity Act for Alabama Career Centers and Jefferson County Workforce Development, Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Program, and VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program.


Currently we work with numerous state and federal entities, companies, and individuals. We are here to train our students in their selected fields and assist our students in beginning their NEW CAREERS! 

Our staff and instructors have our students' well-being and futures in mind at all times. We are all committed to providing quality training and assistance to all of our students as well as all of the entities and companies we work with.